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Development of Augmented Reality Projects

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Get Advantages of Virtual Reality Training

Good Results: 91,3
percent of VR trainees pass tests

Learning Motivation

Expenses Decrease. There is no need to create a real training simulator and visit a training area.

Considering Processes in Exquisite Detail. VR training shows things that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Simulation of Probable Situations

VR Training Experience

VR training is adequate for different styles of instructional material acquirement including visual, audio, verbal and physical ways.

VR training gives you an opportunity to combine hardware with a virtual part and achieve an effect of real interoperating with VR facilities.

Creating a project suitable for corrections and improvements in contrast to expensive models, their maintenance and additional purchases.

VR training allows you to take a training course without using computers and beyond a classroom (autonomous headsets with the possibility to move cost and more)

Stages of VR Software Product Development for Training

Harvesting and analysis of information about a prototype process

Writing and reconciling the VR software requirements specification, designing the prototype process.

3D Patterns Development, adaptation of existing models

The Software Product Development, Programming of Cooperation, Constraints and Scripts

Software Testing and Debugging, making necessary changes

Staff Training

Companies Using VR Staff Training
Due Date and Costs

Time limits and costs of VR software development depend on the task complexity and are determined at the stage of the system requirements analysis. Development costs include working costs of the following professionals:


3D System Modelers


Interface Designers


Project Managers

Development costs of training VR applications are

7 700 $ and more

Development time is a month and a half

two months and longer

Completed Projects

The team of Virtuactions developed a virtual station of the Zaramagskaya hydroelectric station before the completion of construction works. Using VR glasses one could take a walk in the nonexisting halls and sites. In the project for the Nizhne-Bureyskaya hydroelectric station one could see the operating principle of the turbine in section.

The team of Virtuactions designed a stand for OZNA Company with the use of augmented reality. The presentation showed equipment in section and an operating principle.

For FracJet –Volga the team of Virtuactions combined a model of the drilling unit with VR technologies, and made it possible to look inside the well and observe all the oil production operations with the use of a control panel and VR glasses.

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