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Development of Virtual Reality Projects

Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality Projects Design for your Business

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Implementation areas

Architecture: interior design, museums, monuments

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Training: Industry, Health service, HR

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Marketing: trade fairs, promotion actions

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Leisure; Games, VR-attractions and Parks, 360-degree videos

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VR Training

360-degree videos

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VR Attractions

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AR Applications

Exhibition stands

Market-ready Cases

AR Application for Dentists

Downloading the application of your dentistry a customer can take a look at prices and services in your clinic. Using a selfie this application makes it possible for customers to see how their teeth may change. After the visualization of the teeth new look the customer can easily send the photo to your clinic for a price calculation.

AR Application for Jewelers

Downloading this application a customer can try on and choose any piece of jewelry to go with a dress/suit. The customer can check out from the application.

AR Application for your Product

If you want customers to recognize your products on store shelves customize them with the help of augmented reality. For example, you point your smart phone at a carton of milk and the application shows you a video sequence with grazing cows, or a pictured cow suddenly comes alive and tells you about benefits of milk. Such work can be performed with any product and it will allow you to draw additional attention to your goods.

Our Team

Virtuactions is an experienced development and design group. We know how to organize the development process and carry out the task in the correct and technically proven way. Our team will provide your business with modern VR/AR/MR technologies, and your business, goods and services will be highly rated by your customers and staff.

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